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  1. ChangeSets

    nerf class archers balance DONE Check remove lifestone bypass DONE Rework farm party zone and rbs drops DONE ember respawn. DONE King of Karks nerf DONE Golkonda nerf DONE Sps nerf to mages. DONE Changed Stuckable Vortrex only one will be stucked in char DONE Added crystal scrolls in party zone S grade weap and changed crystal weapon b to armor.. DONE Improved some balance classes DONE Party area monsters increased life and p attack.. DONE Auction clan halls Return to Adena Again.. DONE Decrease ls drop rate DONE Changed class balance and skills system.DONE Changed drop scroll rates party zone.DONE Flag rb Zones for all available rbs..DONE Added 2 Farm Zones Valor Skill 10Min Time 15Min Reuse
  2. [Event] Clan Event

    Hello L2Centos Clans...Here is Our Clan Event With Big Rewards INFOS: 1rst Reward Clans With 30+ Members Will Rewarded With Clan Lvl 8,Full Clan Skills And 50k Reputation Points .. 2nd Reward Clans With Max 25 Members Will Rewarded With Clan Lvl 8 And 50k Reputation Points .. 3rd Reward Clans With Max 15 Members Will Rewarded With Clan Lvl 8 And 10k Reputation Points.. Rewards Will Be Given 2 Days After Grand Opening : 21-7-2017 at 16:00 +2Gmt..!!!
  3. Clan Leader MemberShip

    Hello,If You Are A Clan Leader And Once You Have Add Your Clan Topic Here http://l2centos.com/forums/index.php?/forum/6-clans-recruitment/ And Automatically Our Team Will Reward You With Clan Leaders MemberShip.. Have Fun..!!